mercoledì 9 luglio 2014

Ciottolando con gusto reveals the “green” side of Garda Lake

Quality products of the short distribution chain, from lake fish to Extra Virgin Olive Oil DOP Garda, and to the local products of Monte Baldo: on Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th of September, Ciottolando con
Gusto at Malcesine is back, the gourmet “treasure hunt” along the cobblestone streets of this little town near Verona. This year it aims at revealing its “green” side: promoting only extremely selected products and giving much attention to environmental respect.

 This has always been the philosophy of Ciottolando con Gusto, since its first edition. Now it becomes a real message for all the consumers: light and healthy cuisine without giving up taste is now possible. To prove it, there is what all the adhering bars, wine bars, restaurants and pizzerias have to propose. Quality food lovers, with their city map, can create their personal menu.

 They can choose, for example, a first course from a bar, and a second course from a restaurant, that is in another corner of the town, and so on until desserts and coffee. There will be many original proposals for gourmet but also for those who always keep their eyes on the scale. Ciottolando con Gusto mixes the taste of Made in Italy, but first is a taste itinerary through what Garda lake and the surrounding territory offer.

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