martedì 6 gennaio 2015

DFDS Logistics starts new Short Sea route

DFDS Logistics will have the 1st sailing on the new route from Northern Germany to Norway. The loop of the new route will be Oslo-Halden-Bremerhaven-Hamburg-Oslo. The vessel on the new route
will be MV Lysvik Seaways, a 7409 GT multipurpose vessel with both container and sideport cargo capacity. DFDS Logistics will be able to offer a very strong short sea product for commodities like containers, RDF/SRF, paper reels & other forest products, palletized break bulk cargo, project cargo etc. In the ports of Oslo, Halden and Hamburg, DFDS Logistics has agreements with terminal operators for handling of both containers & sideport/bulk/project cargo.

 DFDS Logistics has a flexible schedule with an open window Tuesday morning in the Oslofjord with time for inducement calls for spot/project cargo. DFDS will offer short sea QQ services & feedering from Northern Germany (Hamburg & Bremerhaven) to Norway (Oslo and Halden). The vessel is fitted for all equipment types ranging from 20’ to 45’ units including swapbodies & NON ISO tanks.

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