mercoledì 1 aprile 2015

Arcadia expands in Greater China

Arcadia Yachts – the innovative and unique "eco-friendly" Italian shipyard –announced the appointing of Eletek Technology as exclusive dealer for Greater China. Eletek forecasted 15 units to sell in Greater China within the next 5 years along with the presentation of Arcadia's Yachts during
the most important Chinese boat shows. The first show for Arcadia and its model 85 will be – for the 2015 - the Hong Kong Gold Coast Boat Show.

Ugo Pellegrino President of Arcadia Yachts states: "We are very excited for this strategic agreement with Eletek. We are confident that our yachts can have a serious success with potential Chinese yacht owners, for several reasons. First of all, new and current Arcadia models are so different from all the other yachts and comply in full with the Chinese yacht buyers expectation for excellent see-keeping; our yachts count on generous, roomy and shielded spaces (approx around 220sqm) as Arcadia offers by its aft-deck. Arcadia's maximum beams are the largest available on market. The lifestyle on board of Arcadia, thanks to its peculiar continuity of spaces on the main-deck and the volume of its convivial areas, is perfect for socializing during their frequent social events. And last but not least the Italian style that a large number of Chinese owners prefers”.

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