giovedì 19 febbraio 2015

1st Mare Forum Malta 2015

Considering Malta’s geographic position between Africa and Europe and its important role as a great shipping nation, Mare Forum supported by the Government of Malta will host in Malta an annual active forum (22 April 2015) for participants of the local and international, European, Mediterranean and African maritime, shipping, and energy industries to discuss, and debate, to network and learn, all contemporary and urgent themes in the shipping offshore and maritime industries in the international and in particular the African and European region. Among the topics to be analyzed and discussed is the international and regional economic and
financial situation, the energy offshore business in the region, shipping, ports, sustainability, shipping markets and investments, taxes and maritime cooperation between the regions. The conference will share and debate views from top shipowners, operators, energy executives, charterers, traders, analysts, bankers, maritime lawyers, consultants, entrepreneurs, classification societies, regulators, port and terminal operators, the media, and other members of the maritime and energy industry – from this region and all over the world.

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