venerdì 20 febbraio 2015

Geodis Wilson names new Regional Vice President

Geodis Wilson has announced the appointment of Matthias Hansen as the new Regional Vice President (RVP), EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) with immediate effect. Matthias has been acting as interim RVP for the last few months. He now replaces Alain Chimene on a permanent basis. Matthias became Managing Director for Germany in 2009 and also served as Managing Director North Europe (including Belgium, Netherland and United Kingdom). Matthias will continue with his responsibilities in the North European region in addition to his new role, until a successor is nominated. Commenting on his
appointment, Matthias said, “EMEA is Geodis Wilson’s largest region in terms of business volume and number of employees, and it has many unique challenges – as well as opportunities. Building on the established organisational structure put in place by Alain since the establishment of the region in 2010, my aim is to increase market growth whilst balancing that with cost-conscious improvements in productivity”.

“Matthias has a strong network mentality and is both result and customer driven. I am confident that he will lead the EMEA region towards our strategic objectives“ said Kim Pedersen, Executive Vice President of Geodis Wilson. “The region is diverse and covers a wide range of countries, so there is a real need to offer cohesive solutions to our customers‘ requirements. We also have many operational advantages in this region, not least the skills of our people, and a well balanced airfreight and sea freight global offering.“

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