martedì 28 luglio 2015

Delivery of the CMA CGM Vasco De Gama

The CMA CGM Group, a leading worldwide shipping group, announced the delivery of the CMA CGM Vasco de Gama on July 27th by the Chinese shipyard China State Shipbuilding Corporation. This 18,000 TEUs vessel is, with its 399 meters length and 54 meters width, the largest containership
of the CMA CGM Group. It will sail under the UK flag.
Calling 11 different countries, the CMA CGM Vasco de Gama is positioned on one of the most emblematic lines of the CMA CGM Group: the French Asia Line - FAL. The FAL joins Europe to Asia. In a globalized economy, this gigantic vessel has the capacity to transport almost 200,000 tons of goods between European, Middle East and Asian markets.

The CMA CGM Vasco de Gama is equipped with the latest environmental technologies: an engine of the latest generation, a twisted leading edge rudder with bulb, an optimized hull design. Those innovations decrease the ship CO2 emissions by 10% compared to the previous vessel generation. With an estimated emission of 37g of CO2/km for each container, the CMA CGM Vasco de Gama is one of the greenest goods transport means in the world. Furthermore, in accordance with the CMA CGM Group’s commitment, the new ship environmental footprint responds to the 2025 energy efficiency regulations.

The CMA CGM Vasco de Gama is the first 18,000 TEUs containership ever built by a Chinese shipyard. The CMA CGM Zheng He and CMA CGM Benjamin Franklin, 2 other vessels of the 18,000 TEUs series from the CSSC shipyards, will be delivered on September and November.

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